K. Bommanna Raja

K. Bommanna Raja
KPR Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

Dr. K Bommanna Raja received his Ph.D. and M.Tech in Chennai from Anna University and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras), respectively. He has more than 20 years of academic experience. Out of 14 Ph.D. research scholars registered under him, five have successfully completed their Ph.D.s and nine scholars are carrying ou their thesis.

He has engaged himself in a number of sponsored research projects/SDP & STTP programs. He played an active role in more than 30 national and international conferences as an organizing member, session chair, or chief guest. He has published more than 70 articles and papers in both domestic and international journals and conference proceedings.

Dr. Raja's areas of interest include:

  • Medical Electronics
  • Signal and image processing
  • VLSI signal processing
  • System design and information processing

Books published:

  • Electric Circuit and Electron Devices
  • Signals and Systems
  • Fundamentals of Computing and Programming
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Electronics
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr. Raja has been invited as a guest lecturer to speak at workshops, symposiums, national leveling meetings, and various institutions. Some of the topics include:

  • Bio-signal and medical image processing
  • Ultrasound kidney image analysis
  • Biological system modeling
  • Trends in sensor design
  • Effective research methodologies
  • Image transform and its application
  • Fourier transform for image analysis
  • Research issues in image processing
  • Computational intelligent techniques

He is a member of the Board of Studies, on Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering at:

  • Anna University of Technology, Madurai
  • Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore 
  • Kalasalingam University

International Recognition

  • 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century - International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England (2010)
  • 25th Silver Anniversary Edition - Marquis Who's Who in the World (2009)
  • 2009-2010 Edition - Marquis Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
  • International Kohinoor Award - 2011 "International Submit" on Individual Achievement and International Integration by  the Global Achievers Foundation, New Delhi

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