Bayan Sharif

Bayan Sharif
Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates
Dean, College of Engineering

Bayan Sharif

Current position:

Dean and professor, College of Engineering, Khalifa University

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member, Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IEE

Teaching Areas:
Digital Communications, Signal Processing

Research Interests:
Wireless Communications
Sensor Networks
Underwater Acoustics

Selected Publications and Patents:

Ding Z, Xu M,Sharif B, Lu J. A general transmission scheme for Bi-directional communication by using eigenmode sharing. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. 2012; 30 (8):1477–1488.

Al-Dalakta E, Al-Dweik A, Hazmi A, Tsimenidis C, Sharif B. Efficient BER Reduction Technique for Nonlinear OFDM Transmission Using Distortion Prediction. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 2012; 61 (5): 2330-2336.

Al-Dweik A, Younis S, Hazmi A, Tsimenidis C, Sharif B. Efficient OFDM Symbol Timing Estimator Using Power Difference Measurements. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 2012; 61 (2):509-520.

Al-Janabi MS, Tsimenidis CC, Sharif BS, LeGoff SY. Adaptive resource allocation for single-cell downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems. IET Measurement & Technology Science. 2012; 6(3):149-158.

Ahmed MS, Boussakta S, Sharif BS, Tsimenidis CC. OFDM based on low complexity transform to increase multipath resilience and reduce PAPR. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 2011; 59(12):5994-6007.

Al-Dweik A,Sharif B, Tsimenidis C. Accurate BER analysis of OFDM systems over static frequency-selective multipath fading channels. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting. 2011; 57(4):895-901.

Graham DJ, Neasham JA,Sharif BS. Investigation of methods for data communication and power delivery through metals. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. 2011;58(10):4972-4980.

Aliesawi SA, Tsimenidis CC,Sharif BS, Johnston M. Iterative multiuser detection for underwater acoustic channels. IEEE Journal on Oceanic Engineering. 2011;36(4):728-744.

Ph.D., Ulster University, 1988
B.Sc., (Honors), Queens University of Belfast, 1984